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Publié : 12 mars 2007
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English Library (1)

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland ,

written by Lewis Carroll was read by Tatiana


 Alice , a beautiful young girl, was sitting with her sister under a tree when , suddenly, she saw a little white rabbit which ran past her. She followed him in order to entertain herself because it was very boring indeed reading books with her sister


 Alice went with him into a large hole : the rabbit hole . It was a very strange hole : there were many odd doors. Alice came through each door to visit them . Actually , she could enter a beautiful world through each door . It was so magic but also strange !


 Many things happened , for example she talked with a caterpillar or drank tea with a mad hatter ! Unfortunately , in the last world ,Alice had to play croquet with the King and the Queen of Hearts ... However she refused to play with the Queen , it’s the reason why the Queen ordered a pack of cards to chop off Alice’s head


 But , fortunately, Alice woke up next to her sister , under the tree, some leaves were falling on her face : she had had a very curious dream !