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Publié : 12 mars 2007
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English Library (2)

Huckleberry Finn, written by Mark Twain was read by Alexis

Huckleberry Finn, the best friend of Tom Sawyer , was a homeless boy. One day, they discovered a treasure but a judge kept the money in a bank ! Moreover the widow Douglas took Huck to live with her . He didn’t like it there so he ran away. When he fled, Pop* kidnapped him . Pop wanted Huck’s treasure but the judge didn’t agree.

Then Huck escaped from Pop , in a wood he met Jim , a slave on the run and an « adventure » began . One day on a river , they were separated when a boat knocked down their canoe.

When Huck found protection in the Phelpses’ house he met Tom again. They looked for Jim and their quest succeeded . Men killed the Phelpses when Huck came back so they went to Tom’s aunt’s house. After a few days, Huck wanted to return to the city but he was afraid to see Pop . « But Pop is dead » said Tom so huck could return to the city .

*Pop was Huck’s father